More screenings to be announced soon, check back for updates

November 29th to December 14th : Les Nuits Magiques, Bordeaux, France

October 13th to 18th 2014 : Festival Internacional de Jóvenes Realizadores, Granada, Spain

October 7th to 12th 2014 : Goiânia Mostra Curtas, Brasil 

October 2nd to 12th 2014 : Mill Valley Film Festival, CA

September 26th and 27th : Desert Dust Cinema, Lobo, Texas

September 20th to 22th 2014 : Calgary International Film Festival, Canada

September 16th to 21st 2014 : Festival de Cine Latinoamericano, La Plata, Argentina

September 4th to 14th 2014 : Milano Film Festival, Italy

August 26th to 30th 2014 : Festival Internacional de Curtas de São Paulo

August 8th 2014 : Melbourne Int. Film Fest, Australia

August 6th 2014 : Fantasia Int. Film Fest, Montreal

August 6th to 10th 2014 : Anima Mundi, São Paulo

July 25th to August 3rd 2014 : Anima Mundi, Rio de Janeiro

July 26th 2014 : Free Range Film Fest, Wrenshall, Minnesota

July 25th 2014 : Animation Block Party, NYC

May 21st 2014 : Flux Screening Series, Los Angeles

May 7th to 11th 2014 : Maryland Film Festival

May 1st 2014 : Pictoplasma, Berlin

April 24th to May 8th 2014 : San Francisco International Film Festival

April 22nd to 27th 2014 : Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film

April 12th 2014: Sessão especial em São Paulo

April 3rd 2014: Future Film Festival, Italy

March 29th 2014 : Ciné-court animé, Roanne, France

March 21st 2014 : Cortoons Festival, Italy

March 07th to 11th 2014 : SXSW

February 27th 2014 : Special screening in NYC

January 18th 2014 : Flickerfest 2014 - Sidney, Australia